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22 Packing Tips For Moving House

22 Packing Tips For Moving House

Moving house can be stressful. Here at Man and Van Move Bournemouth we do everything we can to take that stress away from you when moving home. Whether you’re downsizing to a small room, or moving to a beautiful location such as the shearwater location, the rules remain the same for how to prepare.

Here are some things to consider to make your move easier:

22 Packing tips…

  1. Begin packing well ahead of your move if possible. It reduces stress and gives more time to have a proper clear out of unwanted items.
  2. Use bubblewrap/paper to wrap all of your glass, china and other breakables. Pack these fairly loosely and mark the boxes as ‘FRAGILE’.
  3. Newspaper can leave ink marks on items so it is best to use as outer wrapping only.
  4. Towels and old linen can also be used for extra protection.
  5. Avoid bin liners! These will more than likely split and spill their contents. Zipper bags can generally be easily sourced from discount shops and provide a much better way to store clothes, shoes and odds and ends.
  6. Ensure the bottoms of your boxes are properly taped and avoid flimsy cardboard.
  1. Do not make your boxes too heavy! For books and other heavy items, use smaller boxes or half fill with books and top up with lighter objects such as towels.
  2. Do fill your boxes as much as possible – this helps the boxes stay in shape during transportation.
  3. Concentrate on one room at a time and clearly label your box with room and contents.
  4. Keep out any items you are going to need between now and your move date!
  5. Separate your extremely important documents, jewelry etc. and consider transporting these in your car.
  6. For small appliances, if possible, pack into their original boxes and tape securely.
  7. Ensure you find and have ready transportation bolts for washing machines etc.
  8. Protect large mirrors, paintings and artwork with cardboard.
  1. Loosen handlebars on bikes if possible and cover chains and pedals.
  2. If possible, disassemble out furniture but remember to keep any nuts, bolts and screws safe and clearly labelled.
  3. Roll up rugs and secure with string or tape (to the underside).
  4. Empty any petrol from lawnmowers or other machinery and safely dispose of any other flammable or poisonous household products.
  5. Unplug white goods and defrost fridge / freezer in advance.
  6. Inform the necessary people you’re moving: redirecting post at the post office, water board, gas, electric company, etc
  7. keep items such as vacuum cleaner and dusters to one side as you are likely to want to give the house a ” once over ” when it is empty.
  1. It is also a good idea to keep tea/coffee making items easily accessible for when you arrive at your new home …..It will also keep your removal guys happy!

Affordable Packing materials: If you are happy to do all your packing yourself we can supply affordable, high quality packing materials to help you pack your possessions and give them the very best protection you can during your move.

Our Packing Supplies Include:

  • Double walled boxes
  • Packing supplies Including
  • bubble wrap and brown tape
  • Wardrobe cartons with hanging rails
  • Mattress covers
  • Sofa covers
  • Arm chair covers
  • Once used boxes

Packing service

Are you looking for a more comprehensive package? Man Van Move can also offer you a complete packing service where our experts will pack all your belongings efficiently and securely for you. We provide Man and Van Services ( which includes packing and loading ) in Bournemouth, Poole, Dorset and surrounding areas.

Don’t forget your outside equipment – anything from hoses to garden equipment or even swimming pool equipment!

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