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Make Your Home Airbnb Ready

Make Your Home Airbnb Ready

Being an Airbnb host is one of the smartest ways to make extra money today. In fact, if you’re good host, you can make tonnes of money from the influx of visitors renting with you. With many homeowners even redesigning their homes to accommodate Airbnb guest, the niche is becoming more and more competitive. If you want to remain competitive and make good money out of it, you must stand out. Making your home ready is the most important factor to consider. Remember that the guest expects to comfort and cleanliness standards on a par with those found in a motel if not a hotel. They must get value for their money. Below are tips on how to make your home Airbnb ready:

Clean Your Home

It may appear obvious, but it’s a very important tip. Your home should be cleaned thoroughly and be in good order before the guests’ arrival. Among all parts of the apartment, kitchen and the bathroom should be spic and span. Make sure that the bed is well made up with clean linens. The house condition must reach the standard of at least a motel. The exterior part of the house must be cleaned thoroughly and if possible, add in some hardy indoor plants. If you cannot do cleaning on your own, consider hiring a professional cleaner to do the work before the arrival of the guest. There are many cleaning companies available to help you with your work and if you need extra storage to get rid of extra clutter then check out our storage services.

Remove Personal Items

Privacy is crucial and the fact that you are hosting strangers, it is good to maintain utmost privacy. Remove all the personal items from the house, particularly those that are not functional for you guest. If this is not possible lock them away out of reach somewhere in your homed. Things like jewellery, firearms, photograph albums, financial papers, passports and birth certificates among other personal items should be removed. As long as you are hosting any Airbnb guests, your security is not 100% guaranteed.

Fix Any Hazards

The safety of the guest should be a priority. It will be a big blow to you future hosting as an Airbnb host if a guest suffers injuries at your place. They can review negatively, and this will scare potential guests in future. Start by fixing all the obvious safety hazards such as exposed wiring, leaking gas or loose steps. Make sure that bathroom floor is slip-proof to avoid slip and fall accidents.  You must also fix any leaking part of your plumbing since spills can cause severe accidents. Do not forget to test electrical current leakage especially in your plumbing system.

Equip Your Home for Guests

Make the guest feel they are at home by equipping the apartment. The home should not lack some of the commonly used items such as an iron, coffee maker, salt, sugar and butter etc. You must also provide them with refrigerator, basic toiletries like paper towel and tissue paper. The house should have a television and operating remote controls, functioning smoke detector, and a microwave as well. Most guests will expect to have access to the internet too. It is important to have it installed and if you don’t have it let them know before they rent with you. If you want the guests to feel great, leave them some goodies

like fresh fruits, local delicacies or wine.

Leave Detailed Instruction

The least direct contact you have with the guest the better. This is why it is necessary to leave detailed instruction on how to do things in the apartment. This way, the guest will not need to call you anytime they have a question since they can refer to the provided instructions. Also includes details such as access to internet connection, how to operate available appliances such as security system, washing machine and air conditioning among others.

Go Beyond Even a 5-Start Hotel

Like any hospitality business, you need killer reviews to market your product. If you want to standout and receive more business, pamper the guest with extra facilities like at a 5-start hotel. Blow your guest’s mind by including bikes, discount tickets, menus for local dining and delivery, public transport cards and airport pick-up services inclusive in the package. These are tricks to earn you positive reviews.

With these tips, your can be among the best Airbnb hosts out there. Get positive reviews and more guests will be interested in renting from you.

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