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Removal Costs – How To Save Money When Moving

Removal Costs – How To Save Money When Moving

When you’re moving house, you will be faced with a lot of different removal costs and you may find that moving costs appear to be much higher than you initially had thought.

However there are some easy tips and tricks to try to keep the removal cost to a minimum and who knows maybe even make some extra money! Below you’ll find a list of our best tips for how you can save money when moving.

The saving starts before your move

Saving money on your move starts even before you’ve decided where you want to move, when you’re just looking for your new home. Think about all the additional costs that will come after you’ve moved. What will your daily commute cost you? Does your new house need any doing up and if so, will that be in line with your budget? What is likely to happen to the area in a few years time, will this be a good investment for the future?

Find someone to move in with
If you’re not moving with your family but moving on your own, consider the option of living with a flatmate. This way you have someone to split the bills and the rent with and you will be two people contributing to the household. Just make sure you pick a reliable person who will take on their responsibilities that comes with sharing a home.

Plan your move well in advance

When you’ve finally decided where you want to move and have all the dates sorted, make sure you book your move! The best way to keep removal costs as low as possible is to book well in advance. You can compare prices of different removal companies to make sure you get as good a price as possible.

Car boot sale
When you’re planning a move it’s a great time to sell the things you no longer need. Go through the whole house and try to sell as much as possible, this will both give you some extra money before your move and will save you some of your removal costs as you will have less things to move.

You may need some new furniture for your new home, but might not want to spend a fortune on it. Start with checking with family and friends if they have any left over furniture they no longer want, or if you possibly could exchange something from your car boot sale with them. The car boot sale is another good opportunity to look for more affordable furniture, as well as online websites for used furniture. It’s also worth asking the last tenant if they have any furniture they no longer want. If you don’t want to buy used furniture, another good tip is to try to buy season furniture out of season, such as garden furniture in autumn. Or to buy flat-pack furniture, which will probably be cheaper and also will take up less space in the moving van.

0845 numbers 

Calling 0845 numbers is expensive and especially if you need to call to a lot of different companies to arrange all your bills for your move. Research online to see if it’s possible to make the changes online or if you can find an alternative free number, you can also see if you can find a way to request the company to call you.

Reduce your bills
When you’re moving to a new home it’s also a great time to try and reduce your monthly costs. Go through all of your monthly costs and see if there is anything that you can cut down on, such as music or film services. Also research gas and electricity providers, as well as telephone and broadband services to see if you can find any cheaper deals than the ones that you are signed up to at the moment.

Energy efficient appliances
Make sure that you buy energy efficient appliances for your new home, such as energy efficient light bulbs, fridge and freezer, which will help you save  both energy and money in the long run.

Make sure you clean your old house properly and make it look like it did when you moved in before you hand over the keys to the landlord, to ensure you get your full deposit back. Also visit your new home with your new landlord and point out all the faults you find. Note everything down and take pictures so you make sure you have evidence of the damages when it’s time to get your deposit back.

Save the takeaway costs
The most typical moving food is definitely takeaway/home delivered food, however these types of dinners are not cheap. Therefore before you get your own kitchen sorted, it might be a good idea to ask friends and family if you can store some food in their homes. This way you can spend some extra quality time with your friends and family and you will save unnecessary takeaway costs.

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