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About Man and Van Move Bournemouth

About Man and Van Move Bournemouth

About Man and Van Move Bournemouth
For many years we have been helping customers when moving house in Bournemouth, whether homes or offices from and to Bournemouth as well as covering removals all over the UK. Our established business is so integrated into the Bournemouth and local community that now we see many regular customers as their lives develop. From starting university and having to move house to setting up a family home, or even downsizing when retiring, we’re proud to be part of these life changing events with our Bournemouth man and van services.

Our passion for local culture and people also extends outside the city walls as our removal services are often called upon to bring new people into the city or to take residents somewhere further afield or across the UK . No matter why the need for our man with a van services in Bournemouth, we are always proud to be the people you trust with your treasured possessions.

We like to believe that our loyal customer base highlights our commitment to customer care, that returning customers show that you can’t find a better man with van elsewhere. We know we always strive to deliver the best services at the most affordable price as we believe in these tough economic times, you deserve excellent service as standard when parting with your hard earned money.

Student Moves
There’s no doubt that the University of Bournemouth brings new faces to the city every year. With more and more student accommodation being built in Bournemouth, this really is a fantastic fast-growing student city. The Man and Van Move Bournemouth team understand that a student’s budget is limited so we offer specialized services along with a range of tips and advice to keep costs to a minimum.

Office Removals
We love being part of the Bournemouth business circuit as we’re proud of our heritage and strongly believe there are local business with global potential. We’re often called upon for office removals, business premises moves or shop removals and as we operate seven days a week, we can move you during the weekend so you don’t lose any profits through closure of your office or store.

Our affordable man with a van prices make us popular with those who need only small removals. We are always thinking of our customers and so will choose a vehicle that complements the size of the move to cut costs on fuel. This extra attention to detail means we can often offer more affordable prices than anyone else, so you can shop confidently on EBay for items you can’t move yourself.

Peace of mind
We understand that when you choose us you are trusting us with your treasured possessions, we have respect for every item no matter how big or small or what the value. We know that your personal items will have memories you want to keep and are difficult if not impossible to replace.

Utmost care is taken from the outset, however if the worst should happen we are fully insured to compensate you. To date, not one customer of ours has needed to claim on that insurance but we like you to know it’s there for your own peace of mind.

We’re available seven days a week regardless of holidays. Working around you, we offer competitive quotes that ensure every home or office move is completed swiftly and without fuss.

Man and Van expansion
We began years ago as one van and one man. Back then we offered courier services, EBay pickups and student removals in Bournemouth. Despite our growth we still offer many services we did back then in order to retain the customers we’ve come to know and love.

Of course as our removal services have been in high demand, our fleet of vehicles has grown. No longer are we a man with a van, we have a range to suit all home moves.

They also offer ample space for your belongings and come fully equipped with all the necessary equipment as you would expect from a professional service, such as tools, trolleys, blankets and straps to protect your items whilst in transit.

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