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5 Tips To Improve The Security Of Your Home

5 Tips To Improve The Security Of Your Home

With times constant;y changing and with the new developing technologies, it has become quite a task to choose the correct security for your home. Protecting your loved ones begins with securing your home. Here are five tips that can assist you in improving your protection and home security, and are inexpensive and easy to implement.

Always keep the doors secured

Whether you would like to improve the security of your bought or rented home in Bournemouth Dorset surveys would advice a detailed inspection of not just the front door but all the doors in your home. Ensure the door frames are still strong, the wood isn’t hollow, and the hinges are oiled and protected. If the door has a mail slot, it is essential that the locks be far away from it in order to avoid someone from reaching in and unlocking the door through the slot. Although the front door is considered to be a good focal point to your house, avoid sacrificing security for an aesthetic view. Install a deadbolt and a peephole if your door already doesn’t have one.

Invest in a quality security system

Your rental home in Bournemouth must have a type of security system, be it a basic camera or a fully monitored installation like a CCTV Surveillance Camera. Assess the needs of the area you stay in and pick a security system which you will be comfortable with. A good security system must include an alarm, smoke and carbon-monoxide detectors, and motion sensors for the windows and doors.

Get to know your neighbours

In times of a home invasion, your neighbours are the first line of defence. Since they already know the area, they can keep an eye on your new home during the times you are away. Your neighbours cannot do this if they do not know you. Host a moving in party for all your neighbours, which will help you meet and greet all your new neighbours and in turn form good relationships with the people you will soon need to rely on.

Keep the landscape lit up

Although most news reports show that a majority of house burglaries occur during the daytime, it doesn’t mean your home is safe during the night. Position sensor lights around the back and front of your home. Invest in lights that are equipped with built-in motion sensors that provide additional protection. It is evident that intruders are less likely to break into your home when there are spotlights on them.

Eliminate all hiding places

If your home in Bournemouth has bushes and shrubs for kerb appeal, but they also serve as good hiding spots for intruders. All you have to do is trim down the plants and trees located in close quarters of your home. Doing this will reduce the chances of burglars using the plants for cover. Plant smaller, flowing plants instead for aesthetic and protective value.

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