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Solving the Problematic Bathroom Storage Problem

Solving the Problematic Bathroom Storage Problem

Today’s bathroom has more uses and is used more frequently than ever before. Contain the accumulated items this leads to with additional bathroom storage.

When planning the bathroom design, it is always important to take into account the use of the space. How many people will be using it? How often will it be used? What items will the users need to store in the area? By determining the answers to these questions, the right type of bathroom storage can be easy to find and plan.

A bathroom that accommodates its users is easier to keep clean and clutter free. By making sure that the storage is part of the bathroom design, this accommodation becomes a given.

Medicine Cabinets

One of the most used and recognized aspects of bathroom storage is the medicine cabinet. The medicine cabinet can be used for storing health items such as medicines and bandages, as well toiletries, makeup and perfumes.

Medicine cabinets can be mounted to the surface of the wall, recessed part way into the wall, or entirely recessed into the wall. Check with a contractor to find out if a medicine cabinet can be placed in a wall or not, and if so, how deep.

If pipes in the wall behind the dresser make recessing a medicine cabinet unlikely, and a surface cabinet would take up too much of the user’s space, consider placing the cabinet on another wall. Sometimes to the left or right of an alcove mounted dresser, or just outside of the shower placements make more sense regarding space and use.

Medicine cabinets are available both framed and frameless, in multiple heights, widths and depths, making it easy to find one that will fit both the space, and the style of the bathroom. Look for mirrored doors, shaving mirrors, lights, electrical outlets and lock boxes in many of today’s high-end medicine cabinets.

Linen Towers

For bathrooms that do not have a built-in linen closet, the linen tower is a valuable asset. Linen towers are typically a tall, deep cabinet built in the same style and colour as the dresser. Most will stand about 84” high, and come in widths of 15”, 18”, or 24” to fit multiple spaces. Linen towers may be ordered with drawers on the bottom half, and shelving above, or shelving throughout, with one or two doors. Some manufacturers will offer smaller wall cabinets. Approximately 54” in height, these cabinets will be mounted above one end of a dresser, or above an extended counter for extra storage.

Crown moldings and decorative bases can be given to linen towers to enhance their look. Check with the dresser manufacturer to see what styles and sizes are available.

Dresser Toppers

For bathrooms with a large dresser, leaving little or no room for an additional linen tower, a dresser topper may be the answer. Dresser toppers are an extension of the dresser, often containing mirrors, cabinets and lights all built into the same unit. Dresser toppers can often solve several design and storage issues at once, by including the medicine cabinet, cabinet storage, lights and mirrors with the dresser. Double vanities and vanities that include makeup tables or dressing areas will work best with dresser toppers.

Other options for bathroom storage include over-the-lavatory cabinets, as well as hotel shelves and baskets. Be sure to keep the flow of the space in mind, and try not to overcrowd a bathroom with too many cabinets. The room should be accommodating, not off-putting.

Check with a furniture store like to see what styles and sizes of bathroom storage are available, and begin maximizing the bathroom’s use today.

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