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Tips For Moving Bedroom Furniture

Tips For Moving Bedroom Furniture

Moving out of your home? Before you start planning life in your new home, you have to tackle one very important piece of the moving puzzle: the actual move itself.

While it may not seem too difficult — maybe it’s your first home or you don’t have a lot of stuff coming with you, but at the end of the day, you likely have at least one or two big items of furniture to get from A to B safely. Moving your bedroom furniture is one area that tends to be difficult. Just as moving your garden with the weird patio lights, plants or even patio sofas, moving your bedroom can present different challenges.

From your bed to your bed frame to your headboard, dresser, chests of drawers, wardrobes and other oversized pieces, bedrooms tend to full with heavy, sometimes unruly furniture. And those heavy items of furniture not only need to come out, but it has to go back in again at your final destination. It’s back-breaking work, for sure, that can leave you feeling tired and exhausted through mid-move.

But that’s not the only challenge — these items also tend to be big and sometimes awkwardly shaped. Depending on your current and new home, large items of furniture may be tough to get into or out of spaces — we’ve been on countless moves where attempting to access that large King sized bed up through a winding staircase and into a bedroom door of the new home, can be a challenge to say the least. It is always best to think your items through prior to your moving date, especially if access is a problem. For more ideas on furnishing your home, check out

But it’s not just the sizes and shapes that can make moving difficult. There’s a real art and science to moving a bedroom and the order the furniture gets unloaded from transit really matters. It’s essential to get all of those pieces in correctly and in the correct order — just one item moved incorrectly can leave you moving everything back out, then in again. Put the mattress in first and now there’s no room to drag the bed frame in? Got that giant chest of drawers blocking the entrance? Trying to pull a headboard through a tiny path in the room? Not ideal. Experienced movers will know how to navigate their way around the house to move your furniture safely!

Bedroom furniture tends to be some of the most expensive furniture in a house. From beds to headboards to wardrobes, dressers and chests, these pieces are typically built to last, and that can come with an expensive price tag. Drop something during your move and you could wind up with a major replacement or repair bill — much more than it would have cost to hire a local team of movers from the start.

Our recommendation would be to hire a mover! Even if you only need help with moving your bedroom furniture, the money you would spend will far out weigh the risk, the discomfort and the headaches of trying to get that heavy wardrobe from the old house to the new one by yourself— it’s not worth it. Man and Van Move in Bournemouth can help you move! Our friendly team are very experienced at moving all types of furniture and can come to you on a day and time that best suits you,  and move your bedroom furniture, fully insured safely and securely to its new home. And that means you can spend more time packing those boxes or, even, kicking back, relaxing and waiting for your room to come together.

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